Time flies by when you have a baby

Before babies come along we seemed to have a lot of spare time occasionally which was fuelled with doing whatever you want and rightly so! I have 5 top baby tips that I have personally found very useful so wanted to share.

Then time changes as you prepare the setup for your little one 😍

You will find many times where time has gone and you’ll be thinking the job should’ve been done.

Tips to help you through


1. Fairy liquid

This is a saviour for when you realise how much vanish babies clothes need and it feels like all you’re doing is buying vanish. Look no further, all you need to do is soak stained clothes in fairy liquid and hot water over night and wallah stain free (well depending how bad the stain is, Theo likes to explode in his nappies sometimes 🙈)

As you can see Theo is shocked that it works too!



Teething nightmare
Theo loves the foam mats

2. Foam floor mats

If you’re worried about the carpet floor getting dirty through food, sick or whatever mess babies like to make, then I highly recommend buying these. Theo LOVES to now crawl everywhere! It’s great but not when he is crawling and puking! Forever running around with babies wipes until now!

Theo is VERY happy with them! Click on the link below and that will take you directly to the page where you can purchase them:


3. A dummy clip

Babies are forever spitting their dummies out which feels like you’re forever cleaning them. A little simple device will attach to them meaning you can save time not having to clean the dummy. We got ours from Asda.



He also loves a dummy to soothe him
Chilling by the seaside

4. Complete buggy set

We managed to get a bargain from Emma’s Diary which included:

  • Buggy
  • Car seat
  • Moses bed (also turns into the chair for when they’re older)
  • High chair
  • Nursing pillow
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Carrier – perfect for the times a buggy can’t handle
  • Next2me crib – this is brilliant and I highly recommend for the parents who love to co-sleep or just sleep next to the little one.

We got it all for under £500! That’s sometimes how much a buggy on its own costs! We have the Urban Chicco set and love it, very sturdy!

It just saves having to spend out on another buggy, car seat etc as they’re forever growing out of things so quickly!

We took a trip to the Isle of Wight and the buggy came in perfect use! You can read all about it here


5. Ewan the sheep / sensory light & sounds

Ewan for us is a dream! When Theo goes to bed we play it every night to help soothe him and then every time when he gets restless.

Ewan is expensive so as a cheaper alternative we also have a sensory light and sound machine. We got that off Amazon for free as we left a review.

The light is amazing as it plays all different forest, rain, wind sounds along with a variety of different colours. This also helps Theo to chill out.


Ewan is a dream sheep

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  1. Number 3 is essential for me, for the same reasons you said. And wow you got an amazing deal for the “buggy set” lol I’m from New Jersey, had to use context clues to figure out that buggy means stroller (?) but that is a great deal! Thanks for sharing #thelistlinky

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