My 5 month old owns more clothes than me and Elliot put together

Who knew how hard it would be to pack for a baby and one adult! I managed to decide the couple of clothes I needed for the week, taking into account for being puked on too! 

However, when it came down to deciding Theo’s clothes I decided to just pack as much as possible. The unknown is impossible to account for when every day is different! As it turned out, Theo had 10x more clothes than me! 


We started our journey and Theo was brilliant! Our friend Wheeler was waiting for us at Oxford so whilst we had stopped I gave Theo a bottle and then got back onto the road. 

Just before arriving to the boat, Theo started to get restless and I didn’t mind as he had done so well for the whole journey!

Arriving on the Isle of Wight

Luckily it was a smooth journey across the water. Instead of heading straight to the campsite we stopped off and caught up with Shauni and Rhiannon for some lunch and a walk afterwards. 

Once we did eventually get to the campsite, unfortunately the accommodation wasn’t suitable for our stay so the next day we were upgraded to a caravan and it was amazing! We couldn’t fault the campsite at all! Lower Hyde Holiday Park has great facilities with a modern bar and arcade. Along with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a log flume. You then also have the opportunity to use the campsite next door at Langard. 


“I remember when he was tiny and stayed in one place”


Long gone are Theo’s days of sitting still

Luckily we were constantly doing things whilst on holiday otherwise Theo really would get bored. He now crawls (well pulls himself) around the room, stands up at any opportunity and has his first tooth! 

On the Tuesday we popped into one of the sessions I setup (short mat bowls) which was great as it is still running very well!

Afterwards I heading into my old office and it felt like I hadn’t ever left! It was so nice being able to show everyone cheeky Theo and how he is trying to crawl! On the way back to the campsite we popped amd saw Ray who never stops working!

In the evening we went for a meal with my cycling ladies and Theo slept when the food arrived! Bonus!

The days were flying!

Wednesday came around so quickly, once again I popped back into the office but this time because I needed to give Alec some much missed banter! Luckily Elaine & Lee understood how we spoke to each other and it became the norm! 😀 

We then met Gina for a drink and a walk, she had brought me some flowers too and I’m pleased to say they made it back home in one piece too! We created a friendship even though we met through my previous job, we ended up realising we had so much in common!

Later on we then briefly met with Sophia, but we saw her again in the evening where she came over for dinner. Wheeler (my Nanny for the week, actually shes my bridesmaid 😀 ) prepared the food and did a great job! 

Sophia is just brilliant and will keep you entertained with her crazy ways, especially the snapchat stories she shares! 

Before we knew it, Thursday had arrived

Both me and Wheeler got up and ready to go swimming, Laura came over and joined us too. We ended up going for a walk to the pool and on the way it was fine, the way back however it was pouring it down! 

Swimming was fun though, Theo is getting much better with going underwater too. Being a swimming teacher and learning it is better to get them under water before they’re older helps and builds their confidence from a young age. 

Once we got back to the caravan we headed out to Shanklin, where we enjoyed some lunch and a game of mini golf afterwards! Theo slept the whole time, I think the teething and being so busy had caught up with him! Laura managed to win a free game too! 😀 

Home time came around so quickly…

Before we went to our boat, we popped into Table Tennis which was the first ever session I setup. Everyone was surprised to see us walking in but it just felt so good to see everyone again! I even managed to play a quick doubles game which we won! 😀 Theo even gave it a good go too!

There is one person I really need to thank…

My bestfriend, bridesmaid and Nanny Wheeler who came with us for our mini holiday. She helped look after, feed and change Theo which made things so much easier and meant I was able to enjoy catching up with people too! Without Wheeler coming on the trip, it would’ve be made very hard! Theo also loves her too and always giggles at her! So thank you so much for giving up your time to join us! 


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