Once things start to settle down, there will be times that you may feel very segregated. You may believe that all your life consists of is just family life and looking after the baby. I personally went through this and started to feel as though my friends have better things to do. 

If I spent a few days at home by myself then I would start to fall into a hole and get myself down, this is when postnatal depression can start to kick in. 

Having ‘mummy’ friends made a huge difference like I have mentioned before. 

Baby day out at Salcey Forest
Uncle Wheeler and Theo

Crazy Wheeler

However, a few of my best friends made the effort to come and see us which made everything seem fine again. Nicky ‘Wheeler’ came over and stayed for a few days which was so nice! She adored Theo, although she was a bit of a learner driver with the buggy! 

We went for a few walks to the local woods and managed to go ‘off road’. The buggy held up! 

Having Wheeler stay over for a few days gave me a break from Theo too and it was a bit like having a Nanny! 

In a few weeks time were heading down to the Isle of Wight for a short break to catch up with people, Wheeler is going as my Nanny! She just doesn’t realise it 😀 I can’t wait to take Theo to the beach! 

Jay and Theo
Uncle Jay Jay

Long distance visits

Shauni took a day trip from the Isle of Wight to come and visit, I couldn’t believe it! 

Theo loved her and slept for the majority of the time! 

Jay and I organised a surprise trip for Elliot which worked so well! He came by train and I managed to blag to Elliot that I needed to go hospital for my carpal tunnel and made out I got lost so ended up at the train station! It was brilliant seeing how happy Elliot was and more because I had managed to complete the surprise without him finding out!

Auntie Shauni

Baby friends

It is amazing how having friends with babies can make the world of difference! We go out for walks, bbq’s, lunches and it is the best support group! 

If someone is having a bad day, life problems, family problems etc the amount of love that is sent in the right direction is unbelivable. I haven’t really felt lonely since meeting these ladies and couldn’t praise them enough for getting me through some hard times! 

It is nice to know that our babies are going to grow up into a ready made friendship group 🙂 

Some of them already adore each other, it is so cute! 

Baby club at soft play
Uncle Dave

A friendship to get away from reality

I have no idea where I would be without Hannah. If she was to write a book, there is no chance you would believe her life experiences. If you are having a bad day then all you need is one of Hannah’s stories to cheer you right up and help you realise that your life isn’t all that bad! 

We have been chased by a tractor before, my flip flop broke so she gave me a piggy back to save my royal feet from getting dirty! 

She eats pot noodles at 2am after a few drinks out! We shared a room together at PGL so would always keep each other laughing! 

She is just a brilliant human and is actually very smart and a brilliant listener. She has her own problems but neither of us dwell on them and instead have a giggle together! 

Without friends around I would probably have made myself feel so low, however I am so grateful for all of them!

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