Chicco Ohlala stroller review

Chicco ohlala

Why did we choose Chicco Ohlala stroller?

 We were after a stroller as our original Chicco stroller that adapts in many ways was too big to take around for the little trips. Theo loves to see what is going on and although he could do this in the other buggy, it was more practical for us to get a stroller.

After searching around and knowing we love Chicco anyway, we were offered the Ohlala stroller. It has saved so much space in my boot and fits perfectly.

What are the benefits?

  • It is lightweight at only 3.8kg!
  • Easy to fold away or put out
  • Has enough basket storage
  • It leans back so the little ones can sleep practically lying down – one of the main things we love about it!
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • The sun cover is brilliant and covers most of their body, apart from the legs

Can it sustain off-roading?

  • Yes! My friends, I and our little ones love to go exploring! This always tends to lead us going on different terrain than just the paths. I wasn’t sure how it would manage very well, but we went to the beach and it worked a treat. Obviously I didn’t take it on the beach (as I would be at a loose end) but it did manage the rest, especially grass!
  • It’s ideal for the little trips where you just want someone quick to put them into to save their little legs getting tired.
  • We’re going on our honeymoon / first family holiday in September and we will be taking it with us. Knowing how easy it is to transport, gives us the peace of mind that it will be so easy for traveling too!

Is it okay for tall people?

  • I’m only 5ft 1 so for me it is perfect. Like many strollers on the market, you unfortunately can’t extend the handle bars so that is a slight downfall. To be honest though, it’s so easy to push that I would say it’s suitable for any height.

How easy is it to put away?

  • Incredibly easy. I’ve never known a stroller to be so straightforward that it only takes a few seconds by using 2 buttons. 
Chicco ohlala
Chicco ohlala
chicco stroller

Where can I buy it from?

There are so many places on the market where you could purchase this stroller, you could checkout Argos. I am so pleased we got this stroller and I’m exited to use it abroad.

Chicco is definitely one of our favourite brands. We also have the Pocket Snack, high chair, buggy, Next2Me crib and every product we absolutely love! 

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