We are very excited to be reviewing the Chicco Pocket Snack chair and running a competition to win a Chicco Detective Dog, especially as we already own a lot of Chicco products and love them. There are many times being out and about where Theo could ideally use a highchair but their just not available. We take the pocket snack everywhere with us and it comes in handy, especially at the Grandparents houses!


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The big highchair is packed away in the background

What does it feature? 

Because it packs down very small, this enables you to be able to carry it wherever you go. Due to it’s lightness at just 2kgs this makes it very easy to transfer from place to place.

There are 3 seat height positions which come in very handy because depending where you are, depends on how high you need the chair. I personally use number 2 majority of the time as that is what suits us. 

There is a tray that attaches to the chair which allows you to put food freely so that the little ones can feed themselves, or in Theo’s case get the food everywhere! It has 3 positions enabling you to choose how far away or close you would like it to your little one. The best thing like our big Chicco highchair, the tray wipes down so easily so gives you less washing up. 

Secures so well to the chair

So many features for a pocket highchair 

We love that it has a 3 point harness because Theo sometimes doesn’t like to put his arms through the over shoulder harness. However, this is really easy because you can just clip it around him, adjusting it is also very easy as you just pull the straps to the length you like it. 

If, like Theo the straps get dirty they are easy enough to wipe down. The first time we used it, Theo did put his hands all over the chair but we cleaned it and it looks good as new again. With a baby I find this a really important factor as it can be hard to keep things clean! 

Chicco pocket snack
Great booster seat for any table

Fully adjustable for use from 6 months – 15kgs

As you can see from above, the strap fixes around the bottom of the chair allowing you to tighten it as much as you want. There is another strap which goes around the back of the chair too in order for it to secure in place. The safety aspect is brilliant, Theo sits perfectly in it at 8 months old. He is however as my family now call him ‘a chunk’ :D. 

The Chicco pocket snack is easy to fold away. We read reviews before-hand which said it can be very stiff to put out and away again. We have found that it is very sturdy and has clips to push down into place, once you have done it once its easy to do again. The table that clips into place is held in tight. We like this as it stops the child pulling the table off. 

Chicco pocket snack
It straps really nice and tight around the back of the chair

Brilliant, compact and light

Not only one of our favourite products, Theo loves to sit in it as well! Having a baby that enjoys sitting in a chair that you trust as safe is really important. This pocket snack does everything it says on the box. We use it also just on the floor by itself which is very stable (we used it on a carpet) and can not believe how versatile this product is. If you don’t want to get the big high chair out, there is no need especially just for a small meal. Highly recommend purchasing this chair!

chicco pocket snack
Packs away so small

Competition time

To enter the competition to win a Detective Dog by Chicco (worth £24.99), use the link below! The winner will be contacted via email and the product then sent out for free. Good luck!

A modern take on the timeless treasure hunt concept, Detective Dog is a walker toy that uses positive reinforcement to encourage children to take their first steps. Coming with an interactive plastic bone, which can be hidden by parents/teachers, Detective Dog is designed to make noises and flash as the child walks him closer to his bone. Once he’s found it, the light on his cap will turn green to let the child know that they have completed the task. 

Chicco sent me the pocket snack for free in return for a review. They are also helping me to run a giveaway for the Detective dog toy. 

When we found out we were expecting, we managed to get a great deal on a Chicco bundle which included:

68 thoughts on “Chicco Pocket Snack”

  1. At the moment, it’s the Lamaze Cosimo Concerto toy. It’s a musical toy that is really simple to use, looks wonderful and encourages a baby’s development in a number of areas from vision to touch.

  2. My little girl and I both love the Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo not only is it cute but it is great for learning and thinking!

  3. Detective Dog by Chicco , I love this piece because it always makes me smile when I see one. I am sure my nephew would love it too

  4. Our little girl has a vtech push and ride alphabet train and she absolutely loves it, it was worth every penny as she is always on it, she can use it as a ride on as well as loads of other functions, love toys like this that last ages

  5. I loved building all sorts of things as a kid, so my favourite toys were the construction bricks / block sets of the time.

  6. little tikes Cozy Coupe he loves it always in it as soon as he wakes up he get in it we have to keep it in the living room

  7. My kids are into Playmobil stuff, at the moment their favourite is the Spy Centre and Pyramid but we’ve just bought the Police Headquarters for Christmas. My oldest has been asking for that for a while! I’m just hoping it is worth the £52 we paid for it because to me it doesn’t look like much but I love the quality of Playmobil so that’s one thing right?

    1. Yes Playmobil has been around for years too! The great thing is, it can even be passed down so I’m sure you’ll get your monies worth! ?

  8. My three little boys love their Duplo. They love to compete with each other as to who can make the tallest tower 🙂

  9. Not sure you can class it as a toy, but play doh. It seems to capture and maintain the interest of all three of my children despite them being at different ages. You can just change to accessories for the different ages. My daughter’s occupational therapist also recommends it as it helps with her difficulties with dexterity and fine motor control.

  10. Lego is my all time favourite with duplo for the little ones and lego seems to grow with the child because you can add to it as they progress and teach them to create more complicated models!

  11. I love the Big Yellow Teapot, I had one as a child and my own children absolutely loved it too. It’s great for imaginative play.

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