if only i knew what i was in for

It was 6am on Tuesday 13th March, I woke to feel my waters were gradually breaking. Watching films, the idea was that the waters all just ‘pour’ out in one go. Only in the movies hey!

The first thing I did was go for a dog walk with my dad and Tish around a place called Stony Stratford at 10am which is when my contractions slowly started Occasionally we would stop so I could take deep breaths before walking on again. My midwife advised that I go into hospital to get checked and make sure that it was definitely the waters, which they later confirmed it was. They hooked me up to the machine to monitor both baby and me for my contractions.

Mum loved seeing the little heart beat monitor knowing that her Grandson would soon be on the way!


Once I got home, I rang the kennels and luckily they had space so I managed to get Logan dropped off.

As the day went on, the contractions got stronger. Elliot finished work and came home and helped anywhere that he could. The bag was packed and ready to go. We ended up going to hospital at 6pm only to be sent home, the pain felt so strong! I had a couple of baths which helped to ease the pain a lot, although I think mums water metre took a beating that day. ‘Sorry mum’. 

heading back to hospital

My sister picked us up about 1am and took us to the hospital. By this point I was 3cm dilated and was put into a water birth room, that was such a relief! However, I wasn’t dilated enough so they moved us to the maternity unit.

The pain by this point at times was unbearable and walking was so challenging! It was a case of mind over matter and knowing that eventually our little baby boy would be here.

Many people on the maternity unit were booked in for inductions so they were nice and quiet, then you had me in the corner trying to be as quiet as possible every time a contraction came!

It was 10am when they checked me again to find I was then 4cm dilated ‘how can it take so long?’. I was taken down to the labour ward, having a water birth was now out of the question as it had been 24+ hours since my waters broke. I was then hooked up to the adrenaline machine to help the contractions speed up.



Our midwife Ellen was lovely and she was absolutely brilliant in getting me through the contractions. The gas and air was hooked up which made everything so much better, temporarily! Although I was told by both Ellen and Elliot that I needed to slow down as I wasn’t having a contraction.

Who knew how stubborn this little man could be at not wanting to see the world!

Exercise ball

This was brilliant in relieving pain, unfortunately I had to get off it so that the pethidine wouldn’t make me fall off as it can make you numb.

Elliot stood me up and unbeknown to him he would be holding me up for a while! I was against sitting down on the bed as it wasn’t comfortable, however leaning on him felt like the best option!

Eventually they got me onto the bed and my contractions were in full swing, the pain was immense! My body felt like it needed to push but it just wasn’t happening, all of my energy was gone. 

I asked for forceps even though I was told I could do it without, mentally there was nothing left. It was amazing how quickly they managed to get a whole team in to carry out the birth.



It only took 10 minutes to get Theo out but what a relief it was once he had arrived! The cord was round his neck but that took no time for them to sort out. He weighed 6lb 9oz and was born at 17.18pm, he was perfect!

Elliot was over the moon too!

There is so much that people don’t talk about with labour but then I also understand why. Hope you enjoyed reading x

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