If you think you are doing things wrong as a parent, please take a look at your little one and admire the smile on their face or the peaceful look on their face when they’re sleeping. 


There are many stereotypes we feel the need to follow when becoming parents but it is all a learning curve and you have to find your own unique way. 


I will explain the situation I got into when beginning my personal journey with Theo. It hasn’t been an easy one, what with normal life on top. 


No one is perfect…

Back in 2014 when we moved to the Isle of Wight, we brought home our little puppy and he was just perfect! 

He loved spending time in the water, and going out on the boats! He loved cuddles too! We would go for walks to the beach, National Trust Parks, city, fields and take trips to see family. He came with us everywhere! 

Then this year 2017, Theo came along and everything was perfect. Logan adored him! 


However, things got very hard…


When you try and change your life to adapt your lifestyle to fulfil Theo’s needs as well as keeping Logan happy, it just gets too tricky! Logan started to get jealous of Theo and how the attention was diverted away from him, as humans were just the same right? 

If you’re used to the attention and suddenly the dimensions have changed, we do also struggle to adjust to life. This was the same position that Logan was in. Elliot and I would struggle to come to an agreement to help put things right, meanwhile Logan’s jealousy was building. 


Have you ever struggled to make a decision even though you know it’s the right one? 


When things got REALLY tough we eventually came to a decision, and not an easy one! Through many disagreements we finally decided that it is only fair that Logan gets re-homed to a place that can give him the attention he craves. 

I can honestly say that as a parent, Theo had to come first as we couldn’t afford to risk the consequences if the jealousy got horrendous. It’s unbearable to even think. 

Even now we miss and love Logan so much, writing this is very hard and brings back all the pain when I gave him away. We had so many good times with him, but it would just be selfish keeping him when we couldn’t fulfil his needs.


Have you been in a similar situation? Decisions as a parent are hard and can be heartbreaking. 


We have so much gratitude for friends and family who helped support us through it and will be forever grateful knowing they are there.

As we continue on our journey and grow as parents, I am sure we are going to come across many other obstacles and will figure out a way to get over them. After all, it is all about bonding as a team and letting Theo see the roses of life. 

So, if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation please just know that there is support out there and appreciate the fact that you are putting your little ones needs first, they are so important after all! 🙂 

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