Going up north

Elliot is originally from Leeds and now has family in Scotland. From the first day we met I never realised how much my southern accent made a difference and hard for Northern people to understand.

We decided to drive up so that we could stop by and see the family in Leeds first.

We made many visits when we got there, including seeing both Elliot’s sisters, one had a little girl who is now 9 years old and his other sister has 5 children with twins on the way! Crazy but hey at least Theo will be spoilt for cousins!


Super league final!

Leeds Rhinos is the rugby team that is supported by the family and the day we arrived they were playing in the super league final. That evening we managed to settle Theo downstairs with us whilst the game was on. Not ideal! Elliot and his dad get very excited and also angry when tries are scored and play is not in their favour. This was the greatest thing to watch as they love to just ‘speak allowed’ and couldn’t because Theo was sleeping! Leeds went on to win the game which was even better as they REALLY had to hold it in 😂


Time to go further up North

We drove up to Glasgow and stopped there for the night and funnily got put into the same room as Elliots parents were in over Christmas! Theo proceeded to paint the floor (in patches of sick) which was kind of him!

This holiday was already so different to our first family break.

The next day we made it to Inverness and surprised Elliot’s Grandparents, it was amazing! They were so grateful and pleased to see us, especially cheeky Theo! He spent all week trying to chew Elliot’s Grandads fingers to sooth his teething 😂

Exploring with a buggy = failed

We decided to take a walk to see what was around, the buggy was packed and ready to go. It wasn’t until we got down the road and reached the beginning of the woods that we realised it wasn’t buggy friendly (as sturdy as ours in, I didn’t fancy taking Theo off roading. So back to the house we went to get the carrier. Very pleased that we did as the walk was amazing, I couldn’t believe the sights as they were so different from home!

The huge trees, the river rushing down stream, it reminded me of the film Twilight. It was just incredible. 

Seeing Ullapool from the pub and via car

Unfortunately when we reached Ullapool it just rained! This meant getting a bite to eat at the FBI (Ferry Boat Inn) were not quite detectives! 

The sites were still pretty but because we were with Elliot’s Grandparents and Theo it wasn’t fair to walk around exploring in the rain so they instead gave us a tour by car. This was still fun! 

We did get a break and some sunshine we gave us some brilliant photos! 

Making many memories is so important

We’re in Scotland so why not reach the top!?

We had already travelled hundreds of miles so decided to go even further and reach John O’Groats. 

The weather was cloudy but it still allowed us to get a few photos by the famous sign! 

There isn’t a lot to see but visits the local tourist shops and grab a bite to eat. We were so impressed with the pub just on the road out of John O’Groats as they couldn’t do anything more for us and Theo! Highly recommend getting a bite to eat there 🙂 

As you can tell, Theo was NOT impressed! Think he prefers the warmer weather down south 😀


Off to meet the real Nessie

This was one of my favourite trips. Lochness is magical with the incredible scenery! 

We stopped in a layby to take in the views across the loch, it was just stunning! 

Once we got to the Urquhart Castle we paid to go in and wow, it was so worth it! One of the best places I have ever visited!

We got to meet the real legend of the loch ‘Nessie’ in toy form but that still counts right? 

Theo got carried around in the baby sling that we have for him and he had a great time! Everybody adored him and Theo also loved the attention too! ♡


Brilliant, loveable family holiday

Overall we had a great time! From having our own tour guides in his Grandparents, seeing all of the stunning scenery across the whole of Scotland, Theo adoring his Great Grandparents, spending quality time as a family, seeing Theo take it all in and just making so many memories! ♡

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