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Whilst being off on maternity leave you tend to wonder how you’re going to fill your time. However, once the little one arrives you never really get a break to begin with. You do start to get into a routine although this took me a while as I was busy meeting other mums, seeing family and friends, moving house, organising a wedding.

Who would have thought that all of the biggest things in life would be great to sort out whilst being pregnant and then having a baby.

This blog is to give my opinions on getting through some of the hardest times whilst also enjoying some of the best moments of your lives.

I promise you that becoming a mum is one of the best yet hardest accomplishments of my life and just want to say that it’s okay to think you have failed. As you get to know me more you will understand why I have said that.

I am looking forward to letting you all in on the journey as it progresses 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Life with Theo x”

  1. Lovely. I did a diary for tom and his first year as there was nothing like this then. Look forward to more

  2. Little Theo has a wonderful family and great parents. You should feel proud. And you haven’t fail at all. X

  3. Personally, I think it looks like you are becoming a hypochondriac, could be hereditary lol. love you really xxxx

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