First Mothers Day is so exciting

I was lucky enough to experience my first Mothers Day in 2017, a few days after Theo was born. He was 3 days early so he arrived just in time.

Mother’s Day

Looking back, it seemed so surreal to celebrate Mothers Day as a Mum. However, it is even more surreal this year knowing that Theo will be turning one in a few days but that he’s mine! You can read about our life with Theo here.

To celebrate, we will be heading to my mums house and getting a takeaway altogether as a family ☺

Mother’s Day

Spending time together is important

The past year has been so tough, losing 4 family members in the space of 4 months. So to make sure we are making every moment count, we are now making memories everyday.

We always remember those we lost too and celebrate their lives.

Have a mini me in our lives has changed the way we view the world completely. Before; we would care about ourselves and each other, now it’s a matter of making sure Theo is looked after and is happy! The only time he isn’t happy is when he has to have a nap or go to bed! Here you can read about some of our experiences as parents.

Gifts for Mothers Day

Family time – spending time together can be very hard and time just seem to flow. Getting out the house for walks, days out make the world of difference

Flowers – mainly because they brighten up a home (plus we’ve lost the beginning of sprint to snow)

Playing games together – seeing Theo develop all the time is just amazing

A hand made card by your children – will mean the world through the effort it’s taken

Feeling appreciated – knowing that you’re doing a great job is a huge gift within itself

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Mother’s Day

Who is family?

Whether you were born to a biological family, adopted or fostered there is always someone that we count as our family. Blood is the biological link, but sometimes the link is different.

Having a Mum who was adopted at birth, I fully understand it isn’t always easy. Our Grandparents were amazing and they brought our Mum up to the best of their abilities (as stubborn as she can be). I miss them so much ?

This Mothers Day, just appreciate the people you look up to and help them feel worthy. They may need it, even when they seem fine.

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Mother’s Day gifts

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