The rainiest arrival 

We thought the weekend was going to be soaking and not enjoyable as when we arrived on Friday it was pouring day. We were lucky to have Elliot on hand as he went and put the tent up whilst me and Theo camped in the dry within the car. 

That evening was spent just chilling in the tent after dinner as we were so tired! We put up the travelcot but Theo just wouldn’t settle. In the end he shared our bed in his own area and stayed toasty warm! 

Beautiful bright morning 

It was a nice sight to wake up to sunshine knowing we could spend the day enjoying the activities. First, we went to breakfast where everyone adored Theo and he loved the attention! It is important to keep them socialised. He also enjoyed some of our food, especially the yogurt!

After breakfast we went and tried out the segways. They were great fun and easier than what they looked like! Unfortunately Theo was too small to go on them! We then tried out some surfing (not on water) and Theo had a go too even if it was standstill! 🙂  

There was some slackling which we had a go on, it’s an activity similar to walking on a tightrope where you have to keep your balance all the way along! Elliot took a few attempts to do so, I somehow managed to complete it on my first go! 😀

Elliot & Emily had a go on the rotating climbing wall which slowly turns vertical the longer you stay on it. Elliot managed to get to 24 degrees but was reminded that a child managed to get to 41 degrees earlier on in the day! 

Relaxing afternoon

We had such a busy morning walking around and taking part in some activities that we were shattered! After lunch we decided to relax before the fireworks in the evening. The sun was still out although he did have a mini downpour. Theo did eventually have a nap but he just loves to know what is going on around him! 

Layers were on

As the evening came in, it did get cold. Theo was like a hot water bottle, I was jealous! I did contemplate joining him in his buggy, but I realised it would probably break! 

Theo had his last bottle at 7pm as we chilled by the fire and then drifted off to sleep. The fireworks began at 9.15pm so we were all moved away from our camping area due to the fireworks potentially landing there! (Tent could’ve gone up in flames, however it didn’t :D)

The fireworks were incredible! Definitely the best ones I have ever seen. I was more impressed that Theo slept through the whole thing! Baby ear defenders are incredible and definitely helped keep him asleep! 

The final morning

This was the sunniest of mornings so far which it was bound to be! We didn’t do a lot on our last morning but chill and get to know people more. It was great! Then we had lunch and made a move home. Theo was so well behaved for the whole weekend, even during the cold nights! 

We have however invested now in a junior airbed for the next time we go camping! 

Overall though we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the odd occasion of bad weather, oh and the toilets were so far away! Haha but it is camping and not a hotel after all x


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