The build up to having Theo

Before bringing Theo into the world, my confidence was strong! However, once I gave birth to my little baby I felt a surge of worry and lost a lot of confidence. It is such a strange feeling but I think it’s down to many factors:

  1. Body changes
  2. Priorities become different
  3. Daily life is all about focusing on your new tiny baby
  4. Wellbeing due to tiredness

We even let Wee Wee hold him

I have many family and friends that wanted to meet Theo and I did make sure that I went out and caught up with people. However, so many things went through my head making me feel paranoid about being out of the house.


When Theo turned 5 weeks old

I’ve mentioned this in my previous blogs before. For those who haven’t had a chance to read it, I signed both Theo and I upto a baby massage class as my best friend recommended and helped me to go along! It was the best decision I’ve ever made, regardless of how hesitant I was.

From then on my confidence personally began to grow again but Theo was also becoming more aware of situations.

Having other babies in the same room helped Theo:

  1. Visualise
  2. Relax (well he was being given a massage so who wouldn’t) 😀
  3. Make friends
  4. Communicate (as the weeks went on)
  5. Less clingy as I would let others cuddle him, feed him (once I stopped breastfeeding otherwise now sure how that would work? And change him)
  6. Distract him


Theo is now 6 months old and although we do have the clingy stage (he’s teething) I think he is less clingy as he has been used to others looking after him and not just me or Elliot.

I also feel that other people appreciate and respect us more as parents that the trust is there for them to spend some time with our son. At the beginning I was very protective of who I let Theo go to, but the trust soon built up along with my confidence which made everything better.

There is obviously the times when people are poorly that Theo didn’t go to them as infants immune systems are so low it just isn’t worth risking.


Pregnancy prepares you slightly but parenthood is a whole new journey, I personally found it beneficial for both Theo and I to get out of the house and socialise as much as possible. My mental wellbeing is in a much better situation and Theo is building his awareness more and more everyday 💕

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    1. It makes a huge difference hey! I personally felt like I started to slope into depression but luckily realised early on x

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