Infant Colic Awareness

As a new Mum, I wasn’t aware at all of infant colic and how hard it could be to deal with.

Luckily Theo didn’t have colic, however many of our friends babies did. Their journeys sound tough as they had to work harder to ensure their little ones were happy.

What is Colic?

From the NHS website

‘Colic is the name for excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy. It’s a common problem that affects up to one in five babies.’

Infant colic can begin within a few weeks of their lives.

What symptoms to look out for?

  • Intense crying
  • Crying in the late afternoon / early evening which can last many hours
  • Babies face red or flushed when they cry
  • The baby clenches his/her fists, brings knees up to their chest or arches their back when crying

A colicky baby can affect everyone in the household due to the sleepless nights, and this can also affect relationships between partners. Sleep deprivation can also negatively impact on concentration and mood.

Infacol is highly recommended and is Britain’s number one Colic Remedy Cry-Sis who are the only parenting charity dedicated to supporting parents through excessive infant crying.

They have launched the first Infant Colic Awareness Campaign in September 2017. Colic Awareness Campaign strives to educate and support parents to ensure they can experience the joys of parenthood to the full.

If you would like to support Colic Awareness Campaign, you can sign up to participate in the Colic Awareness Thunderclap on [URL] and donate to Cry-Sis on

For more information on infant colic, you can visit To get advice on excessive crying, including one-on-one phone support, visit

To help raise awareness we have teamed up with SatellitePR and are giving away a  ‘White Company Sleep suit age 0 – 6 months’

How can I enter?

To enter the competition, all you have to do is follow the instructions below via Rafflecopter.

Good luck!

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56 thoughts on “Infant colic awareness – Win a White Company sleepsuit”

    1. I agree, we stress how our little ones are but actually we could realistically relax. I just don’t think it is in our nature now x

  1. Dreary weather with rain every day doesn’t help. it will be so much easier when Spring arrives and you can both enjoy being outside ?

    1. I am so excited for spring & summer! Definitely my favourites seasons. There is just so much more to explore outdoors and the little ones can go on adventures 🙂 x

  2. My little one is 16 months and still doesn’t and hasn’t once slept through the night! i’m up at least 3 times if lucky a night!

    1. Aw that must be so tough! Do you know why they won’t sleep through?
      My little one is teething again so we’re up through the night at the moment x

    1. Aw, it’s so nice hearing someone else saying that. I used to beat myself up about it all the time, but then I looked at Theo and realised he’s so happy that I must be doing something right 🙂
      Have you started to feel the achievement side of it now too? X

    1. Fully agree with that. It’s so scary, I look back to when we were children and it was a completely different story x

  3. Being constantly in demand – from when I get home from work until bedtime & beyond, and all weekend I sometimes get sick of the whinging & ‘mumma mumma mumma’!

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it because we’re currently at the stage of teaching Theo to say ‘Mama & Dada’ but we also fully aware of how hard it can be once they have learned how to say it!
      I love the learning curves in parenting and knowing what’s to come (or maybe not ?)

  4. She has yet to make an appearance but with less than 4 weeks to go at the moment it’s the backache when sleeping. i’m sure the lack of sleep will get worse once she’s out!

  5. The guilt I feel having to work, especially when it’s long hours and I have to miss the important moments 🙁

  6. The hardest thing about being a mum is watching your little one be ill, and not be able to make them better. There is nothing worse than seeing your child poorly, knowing you are helpless to take it away.

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