Marriage after having children

Is it okay to get married after childbirth? 

Back in 2015, Elliot and I took a walk to the beach and this was where Elliot proposed to me. I was ecstatic! It was just the most perfect scene with the tide out, we decided to walk out across the beach when the proposal happened. 

A year later, we decided to start trying for a baby as we were in a great situation with a decent income. With that in mind, we then also decided to start planning our wedding! Who knew how naive we could be? Or were we? 



We found the most perfect wedding venue

There was an advert on Facebook that popped up at The Skylark Golf and Country Club, they were advertising for a wedding fair so we decided to go along and see what it was all about. 

Once you arrive at the venue, you are welcomed in through big electronic gates that lead through to the golf course on one side, and mansion size houses on the other. It was just a dream for us. They then had a barn where you have the wedding ceremony which was just beautiful, and you then head over to the main building for the wedding reception and disco. All the suppliers they had at the venue were incredible, including a silhouette artist! 

What sold it for us? 

The most exciting part of the package was a golf buggy! What better way of celebrating getting married than going around taking photos across the venue? It was just so unique and we loved that everything was held in one place. 

That was it, date was booked was 27th August 2018! Now the true adventure started that we didn’t realise would be a journey.

Time to pack up and move, have a baby and plan a wedding…

Who knew the journey we had ahead of us would be a very stressful one, but also exciting!? 

We decided to move closer to our family and friends which resulted in buying our own house, while also pregnant! It sounded great before we started the adventure. House hunting began and we moved into our home 2 weeks after Theo was born. So far, we had moved from the Isle of Wight, back to the mainland, gave birth to Theo and then moved again into our home. Some people could call us crazy, we definitely were! 

One year later and the big day arrived…

There is so much that I can add within the middle part of our story with many high and lows, losing key people in our lives but still keeping it together. 

Luckily for us the weather was good (didn’t rain like the previous day when it poured). From getting ready in the morning and having Theo kept occupied by family and friends, to him being taken to Elliot to get ready for the wedding was just perfect. 

The part that pulled on my heartstrings the most was having one of my best friends walk down the aisle with Theo who was wearing his kilt. He just looked adorable. 

Our wedding would’ve been completely different without Theo, and with our brilliant support network we still got the time as husband and wife to spend together, get photos, eat & dance. We couldn’t be anymore grateful. 

Celebrating your wedding with your children is something that I would personally highly recommend. You get to spend the happiest day of your life, not only with your new husband, but also with your own little minions. It just made it even more special. Not to mention, the family-moon was amazing!

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