meeting people as a mum

As it was still so fresh, it all still felt so surreal. Theo met his Gruffalo (his Granny), Grandad, Tish, my sister Charlotte, and my nieces Faye & Amii in hospital which was really nice, of course he just slept. Once we left we headed over to my sister Natalie’s house where Theo met his cousin Ruby. She was so jealous when Natalie held him and just cried! We didn’t stay long as both Elliot & I were shattered.

Too much packed in a short space of time

The first few weeks were so busy! We knew the house would be ready to move into soon so we packed up boxes (well Elliot did) and got everything ready to move. We had many friends come over to visit along with Elliot’s parents Bev & Martyn. They travelled down from Leeds which isn’t far to Milton Keynes. Then we went out for some lunch and Theo was so well behaved, he of course just slept! Afterwards we took them to view our nearly ready house which we were so proud of!

Theo just wanted to sleep
Theo's first England Rugby game

Heading up north

We drove up to Leeds when Theo was 5 weeks old. I was so sceptical on the car journey and how he would manage but he was absolutely fine. As a new mum I panicked and had to keep checking on him. I had never left him on his own for so long before ‘I know that sounds crazy, oh and Elliot was driving, not me’ 🙂

We went to Elliot’s Aunt & Uncles silver wedding anniversary party and again Theo was so well behaved. He met Elliot’s sisters along with their partners and all of their children. Both sets of Elliot’s Grandparents were there and one set drove down from Scotland so he got to meet them too, they adored him!


Time to hide away

There was one point I had to go and feed him so I put myself away in the kitchen so I was on my own. It was times like this that made me feel so lonely! Just because I was breastfeeding I felt like people wouldn’t approve of it, this was an everyday struggle!

The party was great fun, Theo loved it and of course slept the whole time!

the morning after

Of course, these morning afters were so different now. Waking up tired and not because we got in late but because we had to tend to Theo’s every needs. We met Aunty Jenny & Uncle Andy in the corridor who took Theo off us whilst we went and ate breakfast (which they had surprised us by paying for it!). 

It was such a nice gesture, but it felt so strange not having Theo there with us! It felt like he had been born much longer than he really had!

They later gave us a ‘HUGE’ box full of clothes, toys, rugby ball all for Theo as he grows up, we couldn’t believe it! He did get the cutest Scottish rugby kit though!

Happy just chilling
Loving his Scottish kit

Family time

We spent time with Elliot’s family which was lovely! The only true struggle was breastfeeding Theo. There’s a barrier that you have to get past where it gets unbelievably painful but you have to just grit your teeth and get through it. I almost gave up but I felt like I couldn’t! Before heading away, the midwife showed me how to position Theo properly. Thereafter it became easier and the pain started to subside after every feed.

If you ever feel like you are struggling or doing it wrong, just ask your health visitor and they will help you. The Lansinoh cream also made a massive difference in soothing!

We had managed to get through the weekend with a newborn and it made us feel great! The amount of emotions you go through on a daily basis is incredible and a true journey in itself!


You can do it

‘If you ever doubt yourself as a new parent, try and change that thought as you are doing AMAZING’ every parent goes through the struggles and everyday life on top can get too much. Just look at your little one and see that they are happy and love you to pieces!

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