Milton Sterilising review

The first few months into parenthood, I met many mums who were using the Milton wipes to wipe their babies dummy, bottle etc. However, I didn’t think anything to it until now. We sterilised everything in the steriliser with the bottles, so I assumed everything was clean. If a dummy was to fall on the floor, then we just cleaned it the old fashioned way. However, we have no started using the wipes for everything. 

Along with the Milton spray and Milton hand gel, we use these all of the time too. The hand gel is now kept in our nappy bag so that we can access it when you least expect to have to use it! 

The spray is very handy for wiping down the high chair table, kitchen surface etc. Knowing the place is kept clean and free of bacteria makes me much happier!

How important is it to keep things clean? 

In my personal opinion, it is very important to keep everything as clean as possible to allow the little ones immune system to build up. 

Before trailing the Milton pack, I was worried about using normal antibacterial wipes on Theo’s high chair. However, since using the Milton wipes, I know that they are completely safe to use on all of Theo’s belongings. 

Who knew how messy a baby could be?

As an active family, we love to explore new places. We went out to West Lodge Farm Park for a family day out, and it was amazing! They have a petting area so Theo’s hand did get very dirty. However, with these handy wipes we could clean his hands when no taps were available.

There are so many little things as parents that before having children, you simply don’t think about. Having wipes on the go to keep the toddler as clean as possible (before they go and fall into a puddle or jump in it) you know that they are clean 🙂

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