Test time

I had held off for a few days to do a test. We had done a few before this which came back negative and it does eat away at you with many emotions going through your head.

You think to yourself ‘maybe my body isn’t capable, maybe were not ready’ and you do start to give up.

At that moment your body starts to relax and that’s the perfect time! I woke up in the morning and then saw it show a + result, wasn’t really sure if it was real at the time. I then crawled back into bed with Elliot, woke him up and said I had some news.

He already knew!


Straightaway I felt like my body needed to kick into action and start showing. For some reason it felt like people should just be able to tell I was pregnant even if I was only 4 weeks!

So strange. As you can imagine it took months to show and I was eager to start telling people! Once the all clear came through from the 12 week scan we then revealed the news.

Telling my family was the best thing. A few of them were also shocked as we hadn’t told anyone we were trying! They were all however very pleased for us!


The amount of mixed emotions that run through your body is much more than just the monthly ones!

This really didn’t help when I got hungry or tired. I can’t say Elliot was too pleased at times although he did tend to my every need (spoiled Fiancee).

It’s strange looking back at pregnancy life as it was such a different lifestyle! We did have to go for 2 early scans due to pains in my belly, can’t say this was the most comfortable experience. Luckily it was just me panicking and everything was fine!

treat time

As I mentioned in my previous blog, mum and I took a trip to Spain.

We used to spent the summer holidays here so it was like our second home. To top it off the weather was beautiful and it was so nice to have a swim! We spent most of the time relaxing or eating, this then became a daily habit as the pregnancy went on.


Through the pregnancy I started to develop pins and needles in my hands and fingers. This was so uncomfortable and was purely caused by the build up of water that Theo was happily swimming around in.

I was reassured that it tends to just go away after birth.

Winter was the best time as when it snowed, my hands went numb which meant it took away the pins and needles!

Backache then became an every day pain, along with my huge swollen feet! It got to the point that no shoes would fit me anymore and I ended up wearing flip flops in winter! Mind you, a lot of people that know me and who saw me weren’t surprised as I do live in flip flops!


The day was creeping closer and every scan we went to we loved. It was great to see him growing and also being stubborn so they couldn’t measure him! We did get an extra scan because they couldn’t fully feel him. They said this was because of my ‘strong abs‘ which made me feel like labour should be a breeze if they were THAT strong! How I was so wrong! Getting bigger got me so excited though as I really got excited to meet him!

maternity leave

I finally finished work which was so nice as I was doing cleaning work. As you can imagine it was very physical and I’d easily get so tired! It got to 36 weeks when I finally caved in and realised I do just need to rest!

The last few weeks really took a toll on me, heart burn decided to kick in too. Orange flavoured rennies became my best friend!

When you’re feeling poorly it isn’t so easy to just get some tablets as you can only have paracetamol. I am sure some of you realise that this isn’t always the solver!


Turning over in bed seemed like a challenge, it wasn’t a simple case of ‘oh I will just turn over’ you had to plan when to turn otherwise you end up getting pains!

My best friend Miranda (were known as Stevie and Miranda) arrange a baby shower for me, it was amazing! This was one of my favourite photos that was taken!

However, as hard as the pregnancy was I knew it was going to be so worth it for when the little man finally arrives! x

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