Wow, I remember it so clearly and how surreal it all felt. It really was the best feeling ever! Ellen our midwife left us to work out how to get Theo to latch on, which he did straight away. I couldn’t believe it!

I didn’t want to go to sleep as I was mesmerised by this little human-being that was now part of our lives! He was tiny and I felt like he needed to be ‘handled with care’, especially as his head was so floppy!

The midwives would come and check on Theo so often to check his temperature, this made me realise how amazing they were! If anything was a problem they would make sure they could solve it, luckily we didn’t have any problems! Sleeping that night was so uncomfortable, I always thought it would be fine after but that’s only because you have no idea or even think about the aftermath of what your body was going to go through!


He would get hungry like every baby and feeding him naturally just felt amazing! Knowing that it was my job to build him up felt so rewarding! A doctor came round at 12am to check Theo’s blood type as they couldn’t get the blood from the cord or the placenta. They put a needle into his hand and he didn’t even flinch! I thought ‘he must be the hulk’!
Luckily the results came back later that day and he is negative blood group like me, I was so relieved because it meant we would need to take him for 12 weeks worth of more tests otherwise!

The next morning

Elliot had slept on the floor during the night as the chair was so upright it was impossible to get comfy! It was incredible watching him comfort Theo as a new dad, he knew exactly what to do. That’s probably down to him having 6 nieces and 1 nephew!


We had to get Theo checked for reflexes, hearing, eye sight and many other things. The hearing check came back that his ears were blocked, that was only due to fluid from being in the womb. It soon drained out and they cleared up.

Elliot had been home and picked up some more food and drink which was so nice, especially lucozade! ‘I had picked up an addiction of needing a fizzy drink!’

My family came in to see us all which was so nice, they all adored Theo. Mum was over the moon meeting her first grandson, she was so happy! She already had 3 grandchildren.

Then dad met his new grandson, he already has one along with 4 granddaughters!

My sister came in with her two children who you could hear from a while away! They were amazing with Theo and were so gentle!

Having my family so close again just felt so nice, especially with that extra bit of support!


I think the midwives must’ve got annoyed and just eventually given in. Elliot went and asked every time I was moaning as I just wanted to go home! Finally they discharged us once they were pleased that we were good to go! Luckily Elliot had been home in the time and picked up his car so he was able to drive us home.

‘He had a little mark on his face from the forceps along with a black eye!’

Then we were left to our own devices to look after this new little human! X

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