Where do we start?

It all started with signing up to baby massage where we met our now very good mummy friends. We proceeded to meet up and go on various walks, lunch out, BBQ, cafe stops and then Christenings! It has been so busy but we have loved every second! Theo is now so sociable and loves interacting with people 😊


What a great start to summer 😍



Endless days out

We went to Swindon to see one of our favourite families and stayed for a BBQ (we do love them) and they got to meet cheeky little Theo! The sun stayed out too luckily!

Theo used to always sleep on a walk so we made the most of going out and letting him snooze! We met up with Kelly, Liam, Lucy and Alfred at one of the country parks. Alfred was very shy to begin with, he’s only 4 years old but he soon came out of his shell! He definitely loved the play park where he got to run wild!

We also met up with Olivia and Isla for some dinner, Alfred and Isla were so cute just playing with the toys whilst us mummies had a catch up and Theo slept! 😊

Life with Theo can be very tiring!

Parents first night out

The first night off that me and Elliot had, we went to London to watch Adele with my sis and her boyfriend. It was such a good day and evening, firstly going for some drinks and food in Leicester Square, and then heading over to Wembley. Adele was unfortunately ill with a sore throat but this didn’t stop her being incredible and so funny! We felt so lucky as she did end up cancelling the two following shows due to her throat which turned out to be worse than she imagined.

Theo was so well behaved for his baby sitter too! We were so happy and extremely grateful.

From 5 years ago to now…

Due to the beautiful weather we have had this summer we have made many outdoor outings including a trip to the farm with my now mummy friends who were before just non-mummy friends, however 5 years later and we all have children! Time goes so fast.

We have gone from crazy nights out, struggling to walk home in heals to afternoon BBQ’s.


We had just started getting a routine

Mia & Janelle went to romantic Rome and got engaged so once they got back me and Theo went along to celebrate! He was so well behaved, however the journey home was not easy! I had to pull over 4 times as he just wouldn’t settle 😥

I’m not sure if you have heard of the ‘Colour Obstacle Rush’ it is a 5k run where you end up covered in paint and have to run, jump through various obstacles. We left all the dads with the babies and went on to complete that! It was great fun especially as it was with my Maid of Honour 😘


Mason & Poppy’s big day

Elliot was a Groomsman for Mason & Poppy’s wedding which was such a nice day!

Elliot & Mason have known each other for many years, so it was nice to meet some of Mason’s family too! Before the wedding I had to show Mason how to wear his tie properly, I’ll let him off as he was very nervous!

During the ceremony Theo started to get hungry, luckily I had a bottle to hand which kept him happy. Breastfeeding during the ceremony just felt too much for me. He was adored by so many and definitely kept us on our feet! 

Tiring, exciting, joyous and rewarding

A few more activities that we got up to over the summer includes:

  • A crazy birthday party for one of our best friends who lives an exciting life so he did get a bouncy castle which we all enjoyed whilst the babies slept!
  • An Indian Wedding which was brilliant to be at as it was so different to our traditional weddings
  • Seaside trip to celebrate our 2 year Engagement Anniversary – plus it was boiling hot so was great to be at the beach!
  • Family Scout Camp which was so cold, but very fun and tiring with joining in on activities.
  • We enjoyed many days with our crazy nieces and sisters, they adore Theo which is the cutest!
  • Fathers Day was enjoyed at my sisters house with a BBQ, she is a pretty good host!
  • A weeks break to the Isle of Wight
  • Many meet ups with Uncle Dave

It wasn’t all fun and games when mum was taken into hospital with pnemonia but luckily she is now fully recovered.

Thank you for reading x

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