Piccolo baby food review

We were lucky enough to be sent some Piccolo baby food pouches to try out with Theo. There are so many different flavours, making feeding your little one so much easier! It can take a while for them to decide what food they like/ dislike so having a vast choice helps!

I like to try the baby food too (depending what flavours ?) and actually it tastes nicer than some that I’ve tried! Theo himself gets so excited every time I get a food pouch out at meal times as he loves them!

Piccolo review

Perfect for on the go meals

We spend so much time out of the house at the moment and have found these Piccolo pouches are ideal. They make meal times so much easier!

Recently, we went to the NEC in Birmingham for the Classic Car Show. It was really busy so sitting down for long wasn’t an option. Piccolo came to the rescue once again and we were able to feed Theo in a good time as no meal prep was needed.

Food review

Vast amount of choice

As you can see in the first photo, there were many different pouches and these are what were sent to trial, this is just some of their products! We couldn’t believe how many different flavours there are and Theo has actually enjoyed ALL of them. Since baby led weaning we have tried many different flavours of food with Theo and let him feed himself. These pouches are just great when he needs feeding quickly as they are so tasty!

Theo was eating them in his new Chicco Pocket Snack chair which you can read about it here.

Piccolo baby food

The big question, where can I buy them?

A lot of the main retailers stock them, we know that Waitrose, Asda, Boots and Costco sell them through our readers who also buy them!

Through that feedback on top of what Theo thinks of them, we know even more how popular they are. Our friends use them for their babies too who are also huge fans!

Going into the future we will be buying Theo them as they have a really high nutritional value, organic as well as being super tasty for babies. They do stage 1 foods and stage 2 foods for the babies who are a bit more weaned. There is a huge variety of veg and fruit amongst them all.

If you want to check them out click here.

We highly recommend purchasing them for your little one, you’ll be surprised at how much they love them!<< p>< /p>

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