Blunt Envy One S2 Stunt Scooter – what do we think?

We have a 2 year old son who is VERY active and cheeky! The past 2 years have flown by and it got me wondering what things he is going to be into when he’s older. We were offered the Blunt Envy One S2 stunt scooter to review and could not say no. Between myself and my husband, we have many nieces and nephews who knowingly would also love this scooter because of the style but also how grippy and fast it is!¬†

Once the scooter arrived, I took it around to my sisters house where everyone was having a go. My 9 year old niece even said ‘Bear, I will trade you mine (old and rusty) for your really fast one’. Unfortunately, I had to decline the offer as I don’t think I would move very far on her one! ūüôā¬†

You get the stickers included to so feel free to jazz it up!

What are the specifications? 

Information from

  • Scooter comes 95% built and is ready to ride
  • Complete Scooter Height:¬†29.6 Inches / 751mm
  • Bar Height:¬†21.6 Inches / 550mm
  • Bar Width:¬†20.4 Inches / 520mm
  • Bar Material Used:¬†Chromoly Steel
  • Bar Outer Diameter:¬†Standard (31.8mm)
  • Deck Width:¬†4.7 Inches / 120mm
  • Deck Length:¬†19.5 Inches / 495mm
  • Deck Foot Space:¬†13 Inches / 330mm
  • Deck Material Used:¬†Aluminium
  • Clamp Size:¬†Double
  • Compression Setup Used:¬†IHC
  • Headset Type:¬†Integrated
  • Wheel Size:¬†100mm
  • Wheel Core Material:¬†Aluminium
  • Wheel Bearings:¬†ABEC 9
  • Brake Type:¬†Nylon
  • Total Weight:¬†3.95kg (8.7lbs)
The design is just fantastic

Can adults use this scooter as well as children?


This has been designed so well that everyone can enjoy riding on it, or even if they feel they’ve got the skills, performing stunts!¬†

Theo even had a go (with help of course) but absolutely loved it and did NOT want to get off it without a tantrum. At least we know what to give him when he is tall enough! Family trips can however become more exciting with the family using a scooter to go and visit places. Because of the country parks around the UK, taking this scooter will make the trip more exciting! 

My sister absolutely loves the scooter!

Would we recommend buying this scooter? 

As I am sure you are aware, there are so many different scooters out there on the market that it can be hard to decide which one to buy. The key points that we like about the Blunt One Envy scooter: 


  • Aluminium wheels make it so fast to ride
  • Very easy to put together and comes with all the tools you need
  • Love the design and colour¬†
  • The foot grip is brilliant
  • Easy to use the brake and slows you down quickly¬†
  • The grip on the handlebars is really good quality¬†
  • Children AND adults that both use the scooter, making family trips out more fun
  • will price match ANY retailer¬†
Because it is quite light, you could easily take it on a road trip with you as well! On that subject, we took a road trip to Scotland when Theo was a baby and had the BEST time! You can read more about it here.
I was really impressed with the packaging too!

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