At the beginning I felt so healthy and thought nothing can get to me apart from gaining a few stone! However, I was so wrong!

Over the 9 months I piled on 2 stone, and also managed to then get:

  • Backache
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Craving for fast food (great excuse)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


I was made aware that the carpal tunnel was caused by a build up of water retention in my body and that it should disappear shortly after giving birth.

Unfortunately 5 months on and it’s still there. I have had ultrasounds on it which have made it 10x better! However, when it goes it is so painful!

There was the option to have an operation but I decided to stay away from it. Picking Theo up everyday doesn’t help but you just get by.

The only footwear my feet could fit was flip flops but luckily this has always been my number 1 shoe choice! Even though it was cold I just wanted to be able to wear something! Even now I can’t quite get my engagement ring or my Grans wedding ring back on as my fingers are still bigger than before!

I now aim to lose 1 stone!

If you find yourself coming across problems during pregnancy, the midwives and health visitors are great in advising the best treatment options! I can’t fault the NHS for dealing and treating my carpal tunnel so quickly and efficiently!

As for the fast food craving, well it’s safe to say it hasn’t disappeared! My iron levels during pregnancy were brilliant and I can only thank McDonalds burgers for that 😀

The backache only comes back if I’m carrying my little chunk in the sling!

All in all, pregnancy was hard and tiring as well as uncomfortable but it was all worth it!

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