Returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave and adjusting to life after maternity isn’t easy and I was stuck between returning back to work or staying at home as a full time mum. Eventually, bills started to add up and I realised that realistically I need to work. The problem was, we had relocated since maternity started so I had to search around for a suitable job. 

Eventually, after a few job interviews I managed to get myself a part-time job. The whole process however was incredibly stressful and at times I felt worthless. Being a mum is definitely the best job, unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills!

Parenthood can be tough and you can feel lonely at times, I’ve written a post that you can read about here.

Leaving Theo for the first time

It wasn’t easy at all. Knowing how active and busy Theo has to be, meant child minders have to be on their toes! At work, things got easier to deal with as I was learning the new role. The new job helped as it is a job very similar to my previous role as a Community Sports Activator. Essentially it means I setup activities for the community at affordable prices. 

Picking Theo up in the evening was great, more so knowing that he was so well behaved. He amused himself with the toys throughout the day and he was definitely tired as he slept on the way home! 

There are many benefits to childcare and socialisation, you can read all about here.

Why do I feel guilty for leaving Theo?

There are many emotions that as parents / guardians we experience. One of them is guilt. I think the reason for this is knowing you have been with them looking after their every need for however long, then suddenly someone else is doing that job on the days you can’t. 

Heading back to work for me was something I needed to do, especially for my mental well-being. I found myself getting cabin fever and getting stressed about the minimalist of things. 

I remember Elliot’s friend said to me “you need to get back to work”. At the time I was so busy enjoying the summer and was out all the time so I didn’t understand why. It was only when things settled down that I knew change was needed.

Advice for returning to work

Victoria is completely right and recommends that you “look for childcare in plenty of time. Often they have waiting lists or not the hours you need so it all needs to be coordinated well ahead of returning to work, even months.” 

Sarah has excellent organisational and time saving advice and said to “ensure that you have packed everything you need for little one the night before so you are not trying to get everything ready in the morning.”

Emma was similar to me and her advice is that you “wear waterproof mascara and expect the first few days / weeks tough to get back into. It took me a few months to get back into the routine of being back at work.”

Julie has some brilliant advice and something I forgot to do! She said “If grandparents are providing childcare, make sure you leave them clear, written notes to avoid any misinterpreted verbal instructions. My parents and mother in law really appreciated this and asked me to write things down as time went on and routines changed.” 

Frances has top advice about getting you time and said to “drink as much hot coffee and tea as you can physically take and make sure you spend your lunchtimes browsing shops. It’s like actual bliss.”  

I hope that you can find some advice through this post and can understand that although it isn’t easy going back to work, sometimes it is needed even just to get yourself some time back. 

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