travelling changed everything

It all started when I decided that I wanted to try something new. In the previous year I had travelled to Thailand and realised that living at home just wasn’t for me anymore, I needed to explore!

My friend had suggested that she was working for PGL (an outdoor adventure company) which sounded great, so I applied and got a contract through for Liddington in Swindon. Before you go to your centre, you have to attend a 10 day training course. It was Wednesday 13th February 2013 when I turned up at Caythorpe PGL in Lancashire. Elliot was sat on the front desk signing people in, straight away I thought woah his attractive but then also thought his probably taken. Funnily enough out of all the trainers I happened to be in Elliot’s group and he was also heading back to Liddington after the course! Call it fate? It happened to be Valentine’s Day a day after the course started and I was intrigued to see if he was in fact taken, luckily he wasn’t!

Getting to know the man I will one day marry

Over the course, Elliot and I would spend time together just talking and getting to know each other in the onsite bar. If there was one thing I learned about him it was that he LOVES to talk! Sometimes I just let him mutter on…

Anyway as you can imagine we then started a relationship which started to blossom!

Years went by and we then moved to the Isle of Wight. We brought ourself a little puppy that was a patterdale terrier and named him Logan.

Elliot got a promotion and I started a new job working for the council, my job title was ‘Community Sports Activator’. The job entailed setting up new sports and activities with sport England funding for the residents on the island. It meant that I got to try out all sorts of different sports to help encourage others to get involved, bonus as I love sports!

Isle Be Active

Just to name a few achievements from the job – I set up table tennis clubs that became so popular and are still running now with over 15 attending a week, the first ever session had one lady called Deanne who actually was brilliant and we kept each other entertained. Jeff then popped in to see what it was about and then as the weeks went on the word got out and more people attended. It got so busy that I started up another table tennis club in a new area!
I became a Breeze rider so stated leading bike rides and what better place to do so when you can cycle next to the beach! The First Ladies to join me were Denise, Liz and Lin who were more than happy to have a stop at the cafe for a drink and snack! Dawn joined us in Freshwater for one of the harder rides but she did great! These rides became weekly and were so enjoyable! The company was great! I will write a separate blog just about the job so you can all experience how enjoyable it was!

2 years went by and within that time Elliot had proposed to me on the beach which was amazing and I learned to love the job and the team I worked within so much! I remember asking to speak to my boss which is when I told her I was expecting. At first she thought I was going to say I was handing in my notice but it was happier news. A few weeks went by and I asked to speak to Elaine again, this time it was a case of handing in my notice and it was so hard! Elliot and I had decided that living on the island with all the majority of our family and friends on the mainland would just be too hard.

leaving day

Then came the final day of work, I was dreading it! However when I walked in there was balloons, a mini toy bike, a helmet all waiting at my desk. I was overwhelmed!

We went for a nice meal where I received some lovely cards and presents!

moving day

A week later I made my move back to the mainland. I decided that I wanted a break away with mum so we headed to Spain for a few days which was perfect!

As time went on we decided that we should buy a house (luckily family support helped out a lot) and we started the process. It was great fun watching the house being built and deciding colours and all sorts for the house, however also very tiring when pregnant!

Theo arrived two weeks before moving house and came 3 days early but only after a very long and tiring 30+ hours in labour. Think he was being stubborn like his dad!

Then 2 weeks later we moved home! Things weren’t easy however and adjusting to a baby, moving house and getting Logan used to the baby was just so much! Although Logan did love Theo…

And that’s just the beginning of our adventure x

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