Safety 1st Wall Extending Metal Stair Gate

We were looking for a stair gate to put at the top of our staircase. Once Safety 1st got in touch and asked us to review one, I couldn’t turn it down. Our current stair gate pushed our banister out of place and with our house being a new build this obviously didn’t help.

However, the one that Safety 1st have supplied us with is brilliant. It screws into the wall and comes with the most straightforward instructions I’ve seen. We are reviewing the ‘Wall fix extending metal gate’. One of the main qualities about this gate is that there is no step over bar along the floor like other gates we have used. This helps to cancel out a trip hazard, especially where you wouldn’t want to trip!

stair gate review

Is it easy to operate?

It is very easy to operate with a simple lift and push job, then there is the added safety to stop very strong little people opening the gate as you have to switch it to open the gate. The gate fits openings from 62cm to 102cm which for most houses is great. If the gate needs to be removed for whatever reason, it is very simple as you can just lift it out of its standings.

Theo loves to climb EVERYTHING, and of course he has tried climbing the stairgate. I am confident that it is very safe and he is unable to get over, as much as he wants to be Tarzan.

Having a little one makes you realise a lot of and think of the best possible solutions. For us personally, we have 2 types of stairgates in our house and this is definitely one of the best ones. It also has the catches to stop it swinging both ways, however there is the option to choose which way you want it to open.

stair gate review
stair gate review
stair gate review

Where can I purchase this from?

If you click on this link, it will take you directly to the Safety 1st website with this exact stair gate! We personally highly recommend it, especially with all the extra important safety features! 🙂

Looking back, when Theo wasn’t on the move that was much easier. It reminded me of returning to work as he was only crawling, you can read about it here.


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