Each week I will be adding a smile list of our achievements and what made us happy 😊

I’ll do a round up of all our previous weeks squeezed into one and then every Sunday I’ll be posting out our weekly smile.


The past 2 months our smile list includes:

  •  Wedding planning
  • Theo started to crawl
  • Theo then started to climb on things enabling him to stand up
  • Caught up with many people and introduced Theo, he is a very socialised baby
  • Had so many play dates with different ages. From babies to toddlers, onto children
  • Family have been everything that we need and supported us when needed
  • Theo loves a bath along with splashing, melts my heart
  • Blogging has reflected our experiences
  • Scotland was incredible and so pretty
  • Booked our wedding photographer and  close friend has also said he will do our videography as a favour! Incredibly lucky to have such good friends
  • We have brought more wedding accessories 
  • Booked our registrar

As you can tell it has been a very busy two months! I can’t believe that Theo is almost 8 months old, time really does fly when you have children. Making every moment count is something that we take into account every day! Theo is already changing so much and growing up really quickly!  

Check back on Sunday for this weeks update

Please let us know what has made you smile over the previous few months 😀 I think reflecting on our positive outcomes gives us a positive mindset 💕 

Being a new parent we can experience many highs and maybe more lows. Adjusting to life can be very tough and having support around can make a huge difference.

review competition
Theo loving his Chicco Pocket Snack
smile list
Playing hide and seek

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