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I remember going on holiday to Egypt knowing that I need to prepare for an interview once I get back. Being chilled out probably did help to write a few things down on paper about reasons why I would love to get the job and my suitability for it. Once I returned the nerve racking day arrived too!

I was greeted by a lady called Elaine and then taken to the interview room where I met Alec and Lee. Long story short the interview went great and I received a phone call offering me the job. I became a Community Sports Activator working on a project called Isle Be Active.


As the time went on and I got to know the team I was working within and I felt so privileged. We would often have the odd joke and banter, mainly taking the mick out of Alec. He was the lazy one after all :p

Elaine would leave me to get on with work, trusting that I get the sessions set up and meetings arranged. She would often check in which was really nice!

“it didn’t feel like work”

I’d often explore and join in with the activities. Some of which were: cycling, table tennis, canoeing, couch to 5k, skateboarding, hoop fit.

There was plenty more I could name! It was brilliant because people got to see that there’s a few people at the sessions so it must be fun!

I would take photos and videos then piece them together advertise sessions. Social media was the key!

We would take trips across to the mainland for meetings with Sport England. It was their initiative and money that helped with the project.


The Isle of Wight Council that I was employed with did also help out too! There was one time that Alec and I took a trip over and had to bring equipment back for Chloe…

Alec thought it was hilarious that you couldn’t even see me behind the huge box!

Does if feel like you go to work?

There was many great times had in the job and it didn’t really feel like one of those typical ‘ah it’s work again’ because I really enjoyed it! I learned a lot of new things by a man called Ray.

He had been working in the industry for years so he knew how to set up activities off the back of his hand! Plus the whole island also knew him, you couldn’t go to a meeting without being asked if you work with him!

Who wouldn’t enjoy a cycle on this beautiful isle?

Designing and organising

I even got to design t-shirts for the participants!

Anyway, through the job I made many new friendships, set up a lot of different activities as well as arranging activity weekends. It turned out all to be very successful that it is still running now!

There we have it. An insight to what helped create and inspire me onto the next part of the journey with Theo 🙂 x


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  1. You were a credit to us and it was a pleasure to work with you.Good luck in the future to you and your I am still going strong.x

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