The breast is best

This is the common phrase that you hear everywhere when you’re pregnant. The truth is, breast is best. However, not everyone feels comfortable with it, nor will they be successful yet they will still get nagged to do it.

I was apprehensive myself about whether I really wanted to or not. I had always said if Theo latches on then I will try it and see how it goes. The first ever time was amazing as you feel like ‘Wonder women’. Even though your body has just been through a traumatic time, it still manages to produces colostrum for the baby which contains antibodies and immunoglobulins to protect our little ones from viruses. This can last for a few days before the milk starts to produce properly.

Getting the correct technique

Everyone is unique and you will find your own way that is comfortable for both you and baby to feed. I thought I had cracked it straight away as Theo would latch on, and he had also put weight on but I was in so much painful. Elliot hated watching me feed Theo as he would see that I was in so much pain and he knew there was nothing he could do.

The health visitor came over for a checkup on Theo and I mentioned to her how it was causing me so much pain. All she did was watch how I fed him and then corrected the technique for me. Once I knew what position he should be in and how he should latch on things got easier on the pain front. Along with the use of Lansinoh cream I started to feel soothed again.

If you ever find yourself in so much pain, consider speaking to the health visitor as it might be that the technique just needs a slight adjustment.

Overcoming feeding on your own

For so long I would hide away from the public just so I could go and feed my son. It started to make me feel so lonely and made me think that the bottle would just ‘be easier’ as I wouldn’t have to go through the misery of hiding. The amount of looks you get from people just for feeding your baby naturally was a look of disgust sometimes, even though I made sure I covered up every time. There were the people who actually congratulated you in a way and told you that you were doing an amazing job, but the negatives seemed to outweigh this.

When Theo was roughly 2 months old I decided that I wasn’t going to hide away anymore and I overcame my fear of what people thought. As long as I had something to cover myself I felt okay.

Signing up to baby massage

My best friend signed me up to a group called ‘baby massage’ when Theo was 5 weeks old. I will forever be grateful for it because since then my confidence has grown back to what it used to be and I have gained a brilliant group of friends where our babies can grow up and already have a circle of friends. She also did the group and recommended that I joined too!


We now go for weekly walks and some lunch which is so nice as we can talk about anything and everything to do with babies and offer advise on what we have experienced. It has definitely made a difference! If anything, the massage teacher Lorraine brought us all together by organising a Whatsapp group and making us meet up.

If anyone lives in Milton Keynes or near by I would definitely recommend heading to Mama Baby Bliss MK and trying out some of the classes, she runs many different ones!

In regards to breastfeeding, because a few of them were feeding their babies that way it made me feel comfortable to continue to feed Theo the same way too!

Bottle feeding

Theo is now on the bottle after 5 months. This is purely because he is such a hungry baby and I was so tired when he constantly wanting feeding every half hour – 1 hour! He now has a 3 hour break before needing another feed so were both happier 🙂

However, please choose whatever feels right for you and if you need help then please don’t be afraid to ask for it! Look for classes with other mums too as you straight away have a support network and you will feel happier knowing you can speak to someone.

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