Family Day out at West Lodge Rural Centre

Although it was a drizzly, cloudy day. We decided we needed some family time and a day out, so had a quick look up places to visit. Were lucky with where we live as there are many places all near by that we can visit. 

We arrived at the farm and were so impressed with how much was on offer.  It is a family run business and first impressions show just how well the whole place is looked after. To start with we went and saw the goats, only to find out a baby goat had been born 20 minutes previously! It was amazing. You could tell straight away that all of the animals were so well looked after.

family day out
Little baby goat

Where to go next?

From the goats, we went over and the saw the pigs with their little piglets, adorable! Because it was raining, a lot of the animals did hide inside. This was not a problem because you are able to go inside their areas to see them too 🙂


family day out
Map of the farm

Where to explore?

There is so many walks to go on, it’s great! We forgot to pack our wellies so were unable to go off road as it was so muddy. We should’ve known that it would be muddy! Opps! 

When we go back, we will definitely take the correct footpath so that we can go off and explore. 

To save the little ones feet, and sometimes the adults, there is a barrel ride that go round on a little course. 

You can also go over to an area and build dens which is brilliant! Especially when it’s muddy! 😀 

family day out
Happy family

Where to eat?

Lunchtime arrived and we went to the cafe to get some food. We couldn’t fault the portion sizes! My partner thought the chips would be a portion for one so he ordered two. The lady brought over our food and said, “I’ll just get the other chips for you” at which point I looked in shock at Elliot. There was no way we were getting through both portions of chips and our panini’s with salad! Haha. 

The food was lovely and such a reasonable price too! 


Soft play adventure

Theo was getting restless after sitting down for lunch, so we ventured over to the soft play area. When we walked in we were so impressed at the different areas for all ages. There was a woodland theme and it was so well thought of. It included climbing inside a tree, going under ground and popping your head through a plastic clearing so people on the top could see you, slides and much more. 

Theo explored the under 5s area which was good and allowed the little ones to climb into a tree house and play with age appropriate toys. 

family day out
Fun on the slide

Back to exploring the outdoors

Before heading home, we took one last walk around the farm and found the petting area. They had little chicks which were so cute! Theo was fascinated. There was also rabbits and guinea pigs too! We do love the explore, you can read about our Scout trip here.

The whole farm was just so much fun and the staff were really friendly too! We will definitely be back for another family day out 🙂 

family day out
Admiring the chicks

Would we recommend it?

Yes, if you were looking for a fun family day out then we would definitely say to visit here

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