Infacare night time baby bath review

What is the best baby bubble bath? We have been lucky enough to review the Infacare night time baby bath. As you can imagine, there have been many different brands that we have tried. Recently we have been using a brand but have found that you can put as much bubble bath in, however the bubbles are few and far between. 
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How good is Infacare?

Before trying Infacare, I was sceptical about having ‘long lasting bubbles’ but in fact I had nothing to worry about. Theo has been loving his baths, especially putting his face into the bubbles and then looking like Santa! It also helps to keep Theo’s skin hydrated and not dry after a bath. 

The best thing about this bubble bath is that you really don’t need to use much and you get loads of bubbles that last for ages 🙂  

Because Theo is so active and ALWAYS on the go, climbing galore, we bath him every night to keep him nice and fresh. He has recently learned that he is able to climb onto a car steering wheel! We did a road trip to Scotland which we had to give Theo a shower instead, that was interesting as they’re so slippery! You can read about our trip here.


Would I recommend the Infacare Night Time Baby Bubble Bath?

The answer is simple, yes. It has been truly thought of, and because we bath Theo every night it works wonders for him skin. We used to put lotion on him after a bath, but we’ve found with this bubble bath we just don’t need to. 

The best part about this blog post is that you could win yourself one of these! 

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  1. My month old nephew hasn’t used any bubble bath yet, although my sister has got a good collection to choose from when she does start using them

  2. Matey bubble bath, and I always get a bit nostalgic as that’s what I used to use when I was a kid 🙂

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