This week has been a rollercoaster!

However, we have been really busy catching up with family and friends so that has been great!

Elliot went off and visited his best friend to ask him to be Best Man for our wedding. Theo and I were so busy learning new things, heading out with family and friends that we just didn’t have time to rest!

We had some friends come over with their babies and we spent hours playing that Theo didn’t nap! It was so much fun ?

Elliot’s parents came down on Thursday for the night, so we walked the dogs and went out for late lunch. It was great! We spent Friday at Wicksteed Park, walking around the grounds and then went for lunch at Pizza Hut where my mum joined in. It was so nice, especially as Mums confidence is picking up again!

Just to catch up:

  • Spent time with friends and family
  • Went for walks
  • Theo learnt to walk along the sofa
  • He taught one of his best buddies to copy him!

What have you been up to this week?

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