Parenthood is a rollercoaster

This week was quite a lazy one. Theo has been teething so now has a cold and slight fever.

We have however, loved seeing people success on their personal blogs but also life. Following groups on Facebook inspires us to do even more with our maternity leave, we have now setup a YouTube channel!

Once we get more established we will be posting weekly videos that you can all join in with! We’re so excited!

Christmas is round the corner

It isn’t long now and although Theo won’t understand much this year, we’re starting to get into the festive period!

Elliot wants to do ‘Elf on the shelf’ but I feel Theo just wouldn’t benefit this year!

Things that made us smile:

  • Walking with our best friends at Dunstable Downs
  • Seeing family
  • Going to breakfast club – Theo especially enjoyed it for the food!
  • Setting up a YouTube channel

Weeks just blend together

So much can go on in a week that it just flies by! We’re learning to appreciate time more and more!

What made you smile this week?

Please inspire me with feedback

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