How would you like to be in for a chance to win a Lansinoh Breastpump bundle?

We have teamed up with Satellite PR to offer our readers a chance to win a brilliant prize! At the beginning of our journey which you can read about here, I did breastfeed Theo and actually used Lansinoh products so I personally highly recommend them! 

The cream especially got me through those painful times as your body is not used to the changes, but the cream helped to soothe! I know many other women who highly recommend it too! 

This cream will help to soothe

Buying the correct breast pump is key

Because our bodies go through many changes, we want to make sure that we are using the right products for us. It will always be uncomfortable to begin with to express milk, but finding the right technique for you will help out a lot. Once you get the hang of it, expressing will become easier and you’ll be able to express more milk as you start to relax. 

I did use this exact breast pump and would highly recommend it. With it being manual, you will also burn extra calories (only 1 or 2 but hey it all adds up right?)

A manual breast pump will help you to burn extra calories 🙂

At the beginning I felt uncomfortable breast feeding

The breast pump came in very handy as I was able to express milk, freeze it and use it when needed. When I could and my body would allow, I would express as much milk as possible and freeze it in storage bags which allowed me to have a batch of milk to go. All I had to do was defrost it. This was simple enough as you can put the bag into hot water. 

Milk storage makes life much easier

A better way to have milk ready to go is by storing it directly into the storage bottles. You can then feed these directly to the baby, making sure the temperature is suitable. 

These bottles make storing milk so easy and convenient

In order to enter, please follow the instructions below. Good luck!

39 thoughts on “Win a Lansinoh Breastpump complete set”

  1. This would be lovely as I’m due with our baby girl at the end of January. I can’t wait to begin our breastfeeding journey xxx

  2. wpuld love this for myself. pregnant with baby no3. Breastfed my last 2 for 2plus years each and always wished i kept my pump….but baby 3 was a happy surprise x

  3. I’m just about to become a mum for the first time and would really like one of these but trying to make the budget stretch!

  4. I’m currently breastfeeding my nine month old daughter and LOVE Lansinoh but I’d actually like to win this bundle for a friend who’s quiet early on in her breastfeeding journey, I think it’d be a big help to her xx

  5. To gift to friend, to help her continue to provide Breastmilk for her baby when she returns to employment following Maternity Leave.

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